Global Opportunities

Where is Redlands?  Everywhere. Our students and faculty members come from all over the world and fan out across the globe to learn, serve, research, and work.

Every day our diverse pool of international and U.S.-based students take advantage of internationalized study programs, vibrant study-abroad programs for both undergraduate and graduate study, international clubs, and programming to craft their own global educations and career paths.  Read about our internationalization work in recent or past issues of our newsletter UR Global and follow the university via the Bulldog Blog here.

In March 2019, we held an internationalization summit to evaluate our work advancing global learning and internationalization at the University.  Materials for the summit can be accessed through this link.

Worldwide classrooms and a globally engaged campus

Karen Derris classroom

Worldwide classrooms

Walking through a classroom door can take you to another part of the world.  At the University of Redlands, our classes are infused with global content, questions, and perspectives. Whether you have an intrinsically transnational major, such as international relations or global business, or a liberal arts field like English or religious studies, we make our learning community a global one.


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Globally engaged campus

Thinking globally will become second nature at Redlands. You will be invited to meet world leaders, learn about issues beyond our borders, plan projects, and interact with students from dozens of countries. These informal learning opportunities will allow you to be a global citizen in your daily interactions, creating the type of leader we need for the future.​

Campus Diversity & Inclusion
Student Leadership &  Involvement Center

At a glance

The numbers don't tell the whole story, but they do paint a vivid picture of our international support and learning opportunities. 

  • 48% Of college undergrads study abroad
  • 30 Languages spoken at home by our students
  • 24 Fulbrights since 2008
  • 63 Countries represented in the student body

Education is everywhere

All over the world, through partner schools and study abroad opportunities, Redlands lets you discover the world as it really is—firsthand.